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WSF Completes Campaign in Support of 914 Cares!

We are so grateful for all they do for the community and people of Westchester County.

914 Cares showed gratitude to Western Sun Foundation and all the volunteers and contributors that helped this amazing organization via a Facebook post:

"Endless gratitude for our new friends at Western Sun Foundation! During the course of GOOSE’s 5-night residency at The Capitol Theatre, 914 Cares was the lucky beneficiary of their “Capitol Theatre Run” campaign.

This included a financial gift of $5,400, $600 in period products (plus, they rallied 13 volunteers to pack the product into 150 Flow Kits), and a 30-day campaign to promote the 914 Cares mission and poverty awareness in general.

We’re feeling very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of this amazing effort. Thanks to all who made it possible."