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    Created by our community, for the community, our mission is to channel the energy we receive from celebrating music into positive initiatives that serve the communities we pass through on our journeys.


    WSF provides charitable support to small and mid-sized 501c3 designated organizations in cities where the Goose community gathers which benefit:
    • Music education
    • Music therapy
    • The safety, health and personal wellbeing of women and children
    • Climate action and environmental sustainability

    Through fundraising activities, education, community service, direct involvement and our Charitable Giving Program, we are able to provide fans with opportunities to transform shared passion and energy into positive action and initiatives.

    Board of Directors

    Sarah Blazincic

    Board President

    Volunteer Executive Director

    Angela Lindsay

    Board Vice President

    Volunteer Director of Operations

    Steph Belcher


    Cari Bryce

    Board Member

    Volunteer Marketing & Social Media Manager