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A Season of Change

A season of change is upon us and with it brings the opportunity to reflect on the past with gratitude and look towards the future with optimism and hope.
We are incredibly grateful for the support from this community, band, crew and their families we have had over the last year. Because of your support we have had the opportunity to collaborate with five unique community-based organizations in Ohio, New York, Michigan, Colorado and Virginia and donate over $20,000 to their causes through our Charitable Giving Program.
We would specifically like to take a moment to thank Ben for his support of Western Sun Foundation. Ben’s kindness, generosity and outspoken, unwavering support for many charitable causes and others in the community remains an inspiration to us all. We are wishing him the best, excited for what the future holds and will forever be cheering him on.
Looking towards the future, we know that small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations will continue to play critical roles in their communities and continue to have a true, deep and ongoing need for support. With the shared passion, energy and support of the Goose Community, Western Sun Foundation will continue to help address these needs through direct financial support, positive initiatives and collaboration.
As we continue to navigate this season of change together, we invite you to join us as we choose to channel and direct our current emotion and energy into something positive and beneficial for a community-based organization, cause and people in need.
We will have more details to come in the upcoming weeks but in the meantime, we are sending love, grace, compassion and wishes for health and safety to all.