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Western Sun Foundation is an all volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations made directly to Western Sun Foundation are invested into fundraising events, special projects like and our Charitable Giving Program. Additionally, your generous monetary donation made directly to Western Sun Foundation helps defray the costs involved with running a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: insurance coverage, annual incorporation/state required registration fees and hired professional fees. Donations are also allocated towards our organization’s overhead costs for things like shipping, web hosting fees and other administrative costs that are associated with running a nonprofit organization.

Other Ways to Support

In-Kind Donations

Have an extra print in your portfolio or a pin you no longer wear? Maybe a rare merch item that has been collecting dust? Donate items like these to Western Sun Foundation and we will be able to use these in our one of a kind auctions and raffles. The funding raised from these initiatives go back into the community to the organizations we choose to support along the way.

We are always accepting items! Fill out our in-kind donation form or contact us with any questions!

Matching Gift Programs

Does the company you work for have a matching gift program? Many large corporations support their employees' support of non-profit organizations by matching your gift with a gift of their own. Employer matches may be available to you (through Benevity, CyberGrants, EasyMatch, YourDonation, or some other service), and we are happy to provide the our Federal EIN (92-0425770) and 510(c)3 determination letter for their approval.


Don’t hold back! We want your help. Time is valuable and donating your time and skills can help to move our mission forward.

Spread the Word - there are endless ways to spread the word about WSF through social media. Simply sharing our posts and engaging with us online helps! Tell your friends, family and personal social communities about WSF and ask them to join the cause and follow WSF on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nothing beats word of mouth enthusiasm!

Start your own Fundraiser - Fans across the country have held their own fundraisers in support of WSF. If online is your thing, then you can start a digital fundraiser on your favorite platform. Have a fundraising idea, but not sure how to get started? Contact us - we’ll be glad to help!

Interested in getting involved, fill out our volunteer inquiry form.


Do you own a business or work for a corporation that may be interested in sponsoring? We would love to feature you as Western Sun Foundation partner. There are a variety of ways your business can help support WSF’s mission and charitable purpose!

Complete our Partner Program Form today or Contact Us to learn more!

WSF would live to give a special thank you to our current partners for all their support. Together we can make a difference in the communities we travel through, Go Everywhere, Feel Everything and See Everyone who wants to make a difference.

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Western Sun Foundation is a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides charitable support to small-mid sized nonprofits in the communities Goose fans travel through.